What is the ideal type of flooring for a coworking space?

Coworking , a shared work environment, is increasingly sought after, as it offers all the necessary structure to companies at a reduced cost when compared to what is invested annually to maintain a fixed building or floor – whether it is own or rented .

This office model stands out for encouraging the exchange of experiences and interaction between different organizations, employees and entrepreneurs, expanding possibilities within the work environment by incubating a new network of contacts between professionals and brands, like a Vinyl installation in St augustine

When specifying a coworking space, it is important to bear in mind that these locations require a very diverse structure, which welcomes all types of workers – from the most varied segments – and offers all the necessary conditions for them to reach the maximum expected productivity.

The floor chosen for these shared offices can make all the difference and directly influence the operation of the place. World leader in vinyl flooring, Tarkett has separated in this article some tips for you to choose the best alternative and understand a little more about how this place works. Check out!

Dark Porcelain Colored Vinyl Flooring – Ambient Line Stone Collection – Tarkett

How to choose coworking flooring?

As mentioned above, the floor is one of the most important elements for the proper functioning and performance of coworking spaces, in addition to positively influencing the impression that the decoration as a whole leaves on customers and visitors.

Therefore, when starting your project and thinking about the ideal model for each environment, it is necessary to take into account several factors provided by this type of floor, such as versatility practicality resistance and comfort .

Such factors fit perfectly with the benefits offered by vinyl floors , which make them as suitable for corporate spaces such as coworking spaces as they are for homes and commercial ventures.

Graphite Porcelain Colored Vinyl Flooring – Ambient Line Stone Collection – Tarkett


To decorate a shared office that is really comfortable and inspires productivity, it is not enough for employees to have a comfortable chair – it is necessary that the environment is welcoming and contributes to stimulating people’s creativity .

Remember that a good coworking isn’t just made up of work platforms; in this place, there may also be meeting rooms, cafeterias and places for interaction, decompression and rest for users.

In order to be able to meet the needs and style adopted for each of these environments, therefore, the portfolio must provide a wide variety of patterns, colors and formats to meet the different needs of each environment, from the entrance door to the most closed rooms.

Deepmetal Color Vinyl Flooring – Ambient Line Stone Collection – Tarkett


Precisely because it is shared, cleaning a coworking usually requires more than that of a conventional office. It is important to remember that, in addition to the flow of people who already work there, there are also those who use this space occasionally.

The coverings chosen must necessarily facilitate this function on a daily basis and this is one of the characteristics that make vinyl the ideal floor for this type of project.

Cleaning vinyl in general, whether modular or in blankets, requires only prior sweeping, followed by the application of neutral detergent diluted in water with a damp cloth and drying with a clean cloth. 

As can be seen, this daily practice eliminates the need to use any solvent or other chemical product, which implies saving resources and water consumption. 

Another very important aspect – not only in coworking spaces, but in any type of office – is maintenance. That’s why many of these locations adopt the raised floor so that the entire connectivity infrastructure is deployed below it.

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